Saturday, October 27, 2012

shopping for boys. my brothers have their birthdays a month apart and dangerously close to christmas which makes shopping for presents hard.  I have to come up with two ideas instead of one and I definitely have to make sure I don't skimp on their christmas presents. I'm heading home for a quick trip next month and am really excited about seeing my family and celebrating a few birthdays with them. I love living in wagga and missing my family is one of the few things that's hard about being here.

I love these photos from my brother's wedding earlier this year. I have the same ones pinned up in my office and on my fridge at home. they were taken by anna zhu, who went to uni with my brother and his now wife.

my brother derrick was married in march and I never did get around to blogging about it because when we arrived home from the trip, our town was flooding.

the wedding was an incredible day for our family, to have seen my two little brothers standing at the end of an aisle, both trying to hold back tears broke my heart. my sister and I sat side by side and cried watching them, not at all daintily either. we were so proud of them both. it was hard to believe that derrick was getting married and that zac, who was his best man was only 15.

here's zac in his room before the wedding, which used to be my old bedroom.

maybe I like this last photo best. since most of us have left home and I've moved out of sydney, my family really cherishes anytime we get the chance to have dinner together at home. tony snapped this the night before my brother got married.

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