Saturday, January 26, 2013

baking rages and burger parties. I love the idea of baking, of carving out time in a day to make something sweet and delicious from scratch, of measuring and mixing, waiting and finally tasting. but every now and then I have a near disaster and today was one of those days where the notion of baking didn't quite match up to the reality.

it didn't help that I hardly slept the night before owing to the heat or that I had a sort-of baking deadline. tony had planned an extravagant australia day party where he would make burgers by hand - the buns, the sauces, everything on the day.

so at 7am, I started making lamingtons for the first time. by 9am I was angry. I had the wrong cake tin, the sieve went missing and the cake itself looked wrong, too buttery and crunchy on the outside. by the time I'd trimmed it back as per the recipe book, the cake just looked really ugly.

the cake nearly ended up in the bin but after some gentle encouragement from tony, I persevered and the outcome although a little wonky looking, was pretty delicious.

hilariously, or disastrously our party was interrupted by a plumber coming to repair the mysterious leak over our stove. much to my horror he discovered that our upstairs toilet was leaking onto our stove. thankfully we'd cooked everything on the bbq and oven. 

this week my head has been racing ahead of me but now with our party is tidied up and a fridge full of delicious leftovers, I'm hoping to smooth things out with some reading and mooching around the house. all I want to do tonight is watch the louis theroux extreme love dementia program and snack on yummy food.

for your long weekend can I also recommend some great radio docos?
  • birds on a wire - a very funny story about an online cockatoo tracking project in sydney
  • what tokyo? - I was on the road to griffith when I heard this piece yet I was completely transported to tokyo, it made me quite sentimental! I've been meaning to listen to more of tony barrell's work
  • separated isn't a radio documentary but it is a moving online photo gallery that gives an insight into how australian parents and children have been affected by forced adoption

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