Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm nearly finished telling you about my tassie trip, it's hard to believe it was about this time last month that we were getting ready to travel there. I've been really saddened to hear about the fires in tasmania, the loss of property, communities and a life. it's been a strange week with the dangerous fire conditions all across the state.

we were sad to leave hobart but excited to get on the road again and we drove up to the east coast to the coles bay area. here are some photos from the beautiful freycinet national park. on our second day in town we bought a parks pass and spent the day exploring. we drove in parts, went on a few of the walking tracks and even dared to dip our toes in the freezing cold water. the shot above was taken from the lighthouse, where the view from the walkway is just sky and sea. it was stunning and scary.

we spent the rest of our time cooking fresh seafood, reading comics and sampling the very delicious and very creamy local ice cream.

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