Thursday, January 3, 2013

the post with many cakes in it. most of our days in tassie were cool but on the stickiest day of our trip I went hunting for the fabled cwa gift shop in central hobart. I wasn't disappointed. rows of christmas puddings lined the shelf behind the counter, the store sells goods made by members and one member who was working on the day had made over 40kg work of christmas puddings in the last month. hers are the ones with the tinsel on them and they were sold by the kilo.

see those trays of mini mince pies on the bottom right? I took a tray home, well back to our b&b and they kept us very happy for the next week. I loved the look of all of the butter cakes but couldn't justify a whole cake for just the two of us.

but a few days later I greedily chose the world's biggest lamington for myself at the jackson & mcross super cute bakery in battery point. tony had his favourite, lemon meringue pie. we probably could have shared but I'm glad we didn't.  

battery point was beautiful. I loved the old fashioned shops, the pastel coloured houses and the englishness of it all.

 tony met a pup that he liked, he looked pretty pug like!

on our last day in town, I bought a christmas cake from the fancy bakery which I nursed all the way back to sydney. it was eaten by my family on christmas day but thankfully we came home with two different types of home made christmas cake. yummy.

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