Sunday, January 13, 2013

this weekend was a happy one.  my boyfriend made the most delicious hot chips I've ever had, there were homemade crepes, a cute new top found at the sales, a trip to the farmer's markets, an excellent summer mix that I listened to twice, a half-price cookbook that I'd been eying for months, a little nap, a long bath, decluttering around the house and giggling at my new book. the cool breeze makes me think I'll sleep well tonight.

and the week ahead? I've just downloaded a stack of new podcasts, my nails are painted the colour of finger bun icing, I'll be editing an exciting new project, everyone will be back in the office which I will argue calls for cake, some yummy meals we've already planned and shopped for and a visit from two much loved family members.

but now for dessert.

wishing you a wonderful week ahead.