Saturday, January 19, 2013

we welcomed guests on friday afternoon and despite being their hosts, they did a good job of  entertaining us for the duration of their short stay.  they brought intriguing books and stories from recent overseas adventures, updates from home and anecdotes from before my time. my uncle recalled what it was like when my parents met and his first impressions of my dad and he also scoped out a very sweet looking cottage that tony and I are hoping to rent. it helps to have an architect in the family.

my uncle snapped this shot just as he and my cousin were driving off, heading for sydney via canberra.

my homebody tendencies seem to be weakening and on saturday night we went round to a friend's place for an amazing summer meal on their porch.

the party was called because there was a special cake that needed to be eaten. the meal was designed around the dessert, which was very decadent so we had salads, fish and watermelon water for tea before the girdle buster pie was brought out later that night.

but maybe the biggest triumph of the weekend was a batch of raspberry friands I made on saturday afternoon. I went out to buy the tin especially and for a first-time effort, they were pretty unbelievable. so far the what katie ate cookbook has been amazing!

best of all, the recipe yielded 18 pretty cakes so we went about sharing with our friends, only to receive other homemade and homegrown goodies in return. and so we start the week with two small boxes of rainbow chillies from my colleague's garden, a box of yummy coleslaw, a bunch of basil and some itty bitty tomatoes. earlier this morning some friands were swapped for some lemons and I made lemon curd for the first time this afternoon. I had to do something with the 10 egg yolks that were left over from the friand making!

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