Sunday, January 27, 2013

the sweetest garden party. our friends tim and sophie threw a housewarming party for their beautiful baby blue home in north wagga wagga this weekend. we played swingball until our arms hurt (or rather awoke this morning to discover that our racquet-holding arms were aching), drank homemade lemonade, feasted on the most delicious homemade dips, quiche and potato salad and dipped our toes in the kiddie pool. we even went home with small packets of sunflower seeds in our pockets.

it was a amazingly styled and really thoughtful party. I thought the pale blue plastic cups were especially cute and then I realised halfway through the night that they, along with the napkins and ribbons on the food flags, matched the colour of the house.

the dessert was also baby blue. tony helped me colour the icing for these little cupcakes that we brought, I am really fearful of using too much food dye.

and finally here's sophie and tim's shed at night - look at all of the lights!

it was so nice to be able to celebrate the house and its lovely owners. sophie and tim are the kind of people that inspire thoughtfulness and generosity in others and we are so glad they moved to town.

p.s - how exciting is this? beci orpin's homeware range for urban outfitters. and kyary pamyu pamyu has a silly new video complete with a multicoloured furry monster in a top hat.


  1. *sheds small tear* Thank you two sooooooooooo much! *s*

  2. Those cupcakes look so amazing!!! What a small world that you know Soph - have been reading her blog for quite some time. I'm glad she had such a wonderful housewarming after all they've been through...
    Ronnie xo

    1. ronnie I discovered your blog through shine little light and have been hooked ever since! and soph is the nicest, she came round with some flowers and a whole chocolate cake to say thank you for the cupcakes :)