Friday, March 29, 2013

and now for some good things. a much needed home day today. I tried out my new river cottage bread book (it's a bit bossy but I think it's worth it), which yielded a funny shaped loaf decorated with oats, poppseeds and sesame seeds. I took a little nap, made an important phone call, watched a doco, cooked us a hot lunch and read magazines.

yesterday tony bought me this really cute bunch of pineapple flowers to cheer me up, though he did make a point of informing me that I couldn't eat the mini pineapple, which I had no intentions of trying to do. the other flowers are apparently pineapple lilies and I love them.

I also finally bought my dad a 60th birthday present, I have been stewing over it for weeks. in the end I settled on something simple and practical, this puffy vest for winter. I've planned a special dinner for him at a nice restaurant in sydney with our whole family and ordered his favourite cake for afterwards. I can't wait for the day to roll around.

and one very exciting thing, this sunday I have a story on rn's 360 documentaries program. it's a story that is close to my heart and one I had hoped would reach as many ears as possible. in it, tim bravely takes on the task of keeping a radio diary, capturing his feelings and experiences as he prepares to move back into his home after last year's flood. there are some very lovely and some very surprising moments documented in his diary entries. tim's story airs this sunday from 10am on abc's radio national, you can also podcast it here.

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  1. These photos are lovely! I love these little glimpses into your world...
    Ronnie xo