Friday, March 8, 2013

picnic in the park. it has been quite a week and it's not over yet, I have one more day of work and then a delayed weekend. but despite the early starts and general busyness there have been a few lovely things that have kept me happy.
  • check out this amazing pinata cake diy that my brother sent me. it reminds me of the humpty dumpty easter egg that's full of smarties! I can't wait to give it a go.
  • I loved this incredible story from paper radio about one lady's love for ham radio, which ultimately led to some serious intergalatic communication. I jumped out of the car beaming after listening to it, which was slightly embarrassing. 
  • new emoji icons! a small reward for finally updating my iphone software. there's a pig snout and a battery in the latest release. strange but welcome additions.
  • the gorgeous photo my friend messaged me of her less than a week old baby having a big smile in bed with her partner. it was heart melting! I can't wait to meet him in two weeks time.
  • and a working day spent in yackandandah, victoria. I crossed the border this week to work with suzi and she prepared a picnic for us to share in the park. we ate rolls filled with chicken, quinoa, olives and homemade babaganoush and snacked on pineapple in the sun. 
  • my yackandandah souvenirs, which include a giant bunch of rhubarb purchased from the local museum and some homemade tomato sauce. tony has promised to make sausage rolls this weekend, yipee! I think the rhubarb might be transformed into pie filling.
have a good weekend!


  1. I love picnics! The last time I did it was 10 years ago!! :(

    1. oh no! we've only just started eating outside again lately, now it's not so hot. it's such a novelty when we do :)