Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at home. we celebrated easter sunday with a lovely breakfast at our friend's house. sophie is a very effortless host and served up some yummy bircher muesli with blueberry sauce before we tucked into some homemade hot cross buns.

I'd attempted to make two types of buns the day before, the first from this blog, which turned out great and a second brioche based batch from fete magazine, which were very unattractive but still yummy.

I've been baking every day of this break, bread, buns and muffins today and it's been a nice way to relax and take my mind off things. I've spoken to my mum on the phone every day and my siblings most days, and it's been nice. the tears lessen as the days pass and I have really enjoyed their company, comfort and long chats. it's a good reminder to pick up the phone a little more to say hi.

tomorrow I'm thinking of riding my bike to my favourite park and spending the day reading in the sun, with a small basket of snacks of course.


  1. Easter Sunday breakfast looks amazing! So awesome that you are friends with Sophie. :)

    It must be hard being far away from family...

    Ronnie xo

    1. Sophie is awesome and I'm so glad she lives in Wagga :)

      We're back in Sydney now, which is nice. We've been here less than a day but already I feel like I'm facing what has happened and cherishing the memories of my aunt. it's so important to share and grieve together.