Sunday, March 10, 2013

three things from this weekend. I spent a lot of this weekend napping, falling asleep all over the house so it's a small miracle that there are any photos from this weekend.

tony and I have taken up running together and I'm doing much better since he's joined me on my runs. he ends up running ahead of me and I'm much less likely to give up if he's around. on saturday we ran just under 2km and hope to be able to run about 4km soon.

my sunday sleep in was interrupted by a small asthma attack, which was a little stressful but ultimately okay. thankfully this time I knew exactly what to do and had my puffer by my bed and was able to stay home. still, there's nothing more panic inducing than feeling like you're not able to breathe.

a rhubarb, apple and strawberry crumble is in the oven right now, timed to be ready just as downton abbey starts. and we enjoyed the yummiest pumpkin burgers inspired by sophie's blog for dinner. tony made the burger buns, a babaganoush and an amazing smokey bbq sauce that went with it. and there are plenty of leftovers, yippee!

have a wonderful week.


  1. I really like your photos, Sonya, and so glad to hear you are okay after your asthma attack. How good was Downton last week!!?? *sob*
    Ronnie xo

    1. thank you ronnie - I started using vsocam after reading about it on your blog and am addicted! thanks for the tip :) downton was so sad, cybil was one of my favourite characters.