Wednesday, March 6, 2013

long days on the road. lately I've been spending about 3 days on the road, often driving for hours to reach the town I'll be working in that day. I cherish these days, I love being out of the office and working with people face to face. it's something I longed for when I used to work in sydney. but there are trying parts of these days too. sometimes I'm on the road by 6.30am and not back until the early evening. I often come home dusty, sweaty, dehydrated and hungry. sometimes a little sunburnt.

but I always come home with a new story, and I love the feeling of constant discovery even if it's just visiting a tiny town like the one pictured above, which is somewhere between lockhart and the rock in nsw. I am often inspired by the littlest moments and exchanges that I witness between people on these trips and I am grateful for these glimpses into other people's lives. at the best of times they can broaden, challenge and enrich my understanding of life.

this week I've been to culcairn, lockhart and milbrulong. tomorrow I'll make my last trip for the week, heading to wodonga in victoria and possibly to yackandanda too!

one silly thing I do when I'm on the road... I try and stop into the local bakery to see what kind of biscuit specialties they have. I've discovered most towns have their own version of an iced vovo or wagon wheel and I'm happy to sample them all.

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