Saturday, March 16, 2013

solo endeavors. tomorrow morning I fly to sydney for a week of work. I have mixed feelings about this trip, I am excited to sample city life again, catch up with friends, family and cradle brand new babies. but I am nervous too, I'm helping out with some training which is new for me but mainly, this trip may be the last chance I get to see someone who I love, someone who has been endlessly supportive of me and a remarkable person in my life. this trip may include a goodbye.

it'll be a difficult trip to make alone but one I hope I will be prepared for. I also know that nothing is really ever done alone. my colleagues have very generous and given me pep talks and shared powerpoint presentations to help me calm my nerves and to share what they know. and I have had  wonderful friends who have spoken to me in short bursts and at length about the possibility of losing someone to cancer and all of the thoughts, fears, hopes and emotions the situation throws up. tony has been the best, he listens, he gives me advice when I want it and I know he is there. he is very much my pillow in what is a very precarious and sad situation.

photos are of mid-week burger bun baking and a new addition to our living room.

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